Things You Should Remember About Midcentury Modern Furniture

Mid-Century Modern style is one of the most popular options in today’s interior design world. It comes with gentle curves, clean lines, and a love for natural and different materials that can stand the test of time.

Everything started when Bauhaus designers and architects fled to America after the Second World War, which is when they created Mid-Century Modern style that featured both functionality and simplicity.

Even though a debate is ongoing about when this period entered the world, it became prevalent between the thirties and sixties. 

However, mid century modern furniture is still an appealing solution for current homeowners, especially because furniture comes with style and quality.

Influences and Background

We have mentioned above that Bauhaus was the early style that started in Germany and went to the US after World War II. Even though war created the cataclysmic event, that opportunity allowed continual changes.

Technological advancements and economic changes affect the way we live and the things we need and have. After the Second World War, the suburbanization and expansion of cities in the US created a demand for modern furniture.

At the same time, technological advancements led to the development and production of new materials, which created a possibility to explore different colors, effects, textures, and forms.

Why Is Mid-Century Modern Furniture Popular?

This style’s main reason is appealing to people across the globe is the combination of function and appealing design. Therefore, you will get a perfect balance between functionality, style, and comfort, which is the main reason for popularity.

Generally, the shapes are timeless and limitless, which means you can match them with almost anything. You will not get in-your-face styles but instead elegantly curved and gentle lines that can blend with any of your households.

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At the same time, this furniture is simple to find for the affordable price tag, which is another crucial consideration to remember. It does not matter whether you wish to get vintage or unique modern options. You can find the ones to meet your needs. 

When it comes to materials, the most used option is wood. You will get durable, dark, rich, and recognized options that will provide you with perfect quality combined with bold colors you can use for storage, desks, and tables.

The most used wood is oak which is durable and thick. It comes with a perfect color that will provide you great perspective compared with other options you can find on the market.

You can also choose the beech options perfect for sofa and chair frames due to excessive shock resistance and strength. Since it is pale wood, you can use it in combination with other styles, mainly Scandinavian.

However, you can also get a molded plywood option, a new and affordable option for numerous people. That way, you can find designers with exciting and unique shapes to ensure you keep everything affordable.

How to Style Mid-Century Modern Furniture?

  • Yellow – For armchair and sofas, you can use modern colors to provide you a perfect appearance that can match numerous styles. Generally, yellow is an ideal color without a bold statement, especially if you add bottles and vases in the same color. However, it is a neutral option that will help you properly keep the scheme.
  • Bold Artwork – Eye-catching and abstract artwork can help you tie together your interior design and merge it with ease. The main idea is to offset it from the center, which will provide you with a perfect layer of interest. Besides, it features a backdrop that will ensure you get attention without creating something that will affect the overall interior.
  • Implement Textures with Rugs – You can highlight flowing and clean lines by adding texture, which is a great touch that will stand the test of time. Of course, adding a rug under the coffee or dining table will create a cozy and warm feeling. Besides, it is practical, which means that you will not affect the furniture around you.

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  • Combine Different Timbers – If you combine different wooden materials, including mid-toned with dark ones, you can create a lived-in and informal perspective of your household. That way, you can keep accessories and walls mute, which means that wood will make a mark.