What is rental excavation?

Rental excavation is the service of renting excavators; they provide earthmoving vehicles for contractual and industrial purposes such as New Town Engineering – the excavator providers in Singapore who provide both new and old excavators. They are the pioneers of providing excavation services in Singapore and are good at rental excavator Singapore.

Excavators are earthmoving vehicles, they dig and drill and do many heavy lifting tasks. Contractors and industries use them for various purposes. These earthmoving vehicles popularly feature movable tracks that allow superior mobility and have buckets, arms, and a rotating cab for excavating earth. Given the heavy-duty tasks they carry, it is obvious that they are expensive pieces of equipment and that is why renting them becomes a feasible option.

There are different types of excavators such as Crawlers, Mini Excavators, and Long Arm Excavators just to name a few. Crawlers are used for mining, landscape grading, and digging trenches; they use their hydraulic powers for these purposes and that makes them the ideal piece of the vehicle for mining and digging trenches. Mini excavators are good for digging holes at smaller and difficult sites and Long Arm Excavators are good for accessing difficult sites that need longer arms and more power. Hitachi, Yanmar, Caterpillar, Kubota, Kobelco, and Komatsu are some of the leading brands in excavators and New Town Engineering in Singapore provides all these brands. They are good at lew Singapore.

Moving soil is such a common practice especially in modern times because of the growing demands for construction of roads, building apartments and other infrastructures, mining for minerals, digging sewer and water lines. The list does not exhaust here, many other tasks such as demolishing the building for legal and other recreative purposes, debris clean up and underground construction, piling, harbor construction, deep and other underwater excavations and constructions are all in one way or other executed with such excavating vehicles.

The above-mentioned excavating projects vary party to party, the governments need them, big industries need them, small industries need them, housing contractors need them and cleaning agencies need them but they don’t purchase this heavy equipment for carrying out their tasks rather they rent it on the basis of their project’s need. The need can be of a week or a month, it can be for six months, it can be of the space and the construction sites. Therefore, such specific requirements ask for a rental service that is cost and value-effective.